December 1, 2023

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You’re Wasting A Lot Of Money Around The House If You Aren’t Doing Any Of These Clever Things

Whether you own or rent your house, apartment, condo — whatever you’re residing in at the moment — maintaining it can be super pricey. You already spend enough on your rent or mortgage, bills, and basic necessities, that it can sometimes feel like you’re spending more time pulling out your credit card than you are actually enjoying everything in your home. But, did you know that you’re probably spending way more money than you need to be?

There are tons of sneaky money-wasters around your home that you probably don’t even know exist, and I’m here to tell you exactly what they are — and how to stop them from destroying your budget.

If you’re running into problems around your house like spoiled produce in your fridge, tears in your upholstery, or sky-high energy bills, you’re going to want to read on to figure out the best ways to remedy these issues and in turn, save you hundreds of dollars. Thanks to Amazon, there are tons of products that will prevent you from spending way more than you have to, like these leftover containers with labels that keep previous dinners fresher for longer, or this drain protector that prevents you from having to pay a plumber to get clogs out of your shower drain.

Find them all right here (and kiss your money-wasting habits goodbye):


Keeping All Your Pantry Staples Fresh In Airtight Containers

If your pantry staples like pasta, flour, and cereal are spoiling too fast or getting invaded with pests, you need to start keeping them in these airtight food storage containers. These leakproof, clear containers come in a pack of 6 (with matching lids) for all of your go-to pantry items, plus labels that keep everything extra organized. Unlike some other sets, this one comes with two 1 gallon containers, which are great for keeping items you buy in bulk, saving you even more money.


Repairing The Small Holes Around Your House With This Best-Selling Kit

Don’t let little holes in your drywall get worse and ruin the look of your home — fix them instantly yourself with this small hole repair kit from 3M. This kit includes primer-enhanced spackle, a screen, sanding pad, and a putty knife — everything you’ll need for your quick fix. This hole repair kit is a best-seller on Amazon, with a 4.7-star rating, so you know it works well.


Meal Planning & Creating A Grocery List With A Pad That Sticks On Your Fridge

You know what they say: never go to the grocery store hungry. And I say never go to the grocery store without a pre-prepared list, or else risk spending way more money on items you don’t need. This magnetic notepad can be stuck right on your fridge for easy access, and has designated tear-off sections for weekly meal planning and grocery lists. This is an essential for anyone with a tendency to buy way more at the market than they end up eating during a week.


Cutting Down On Your Dryer Time With Reusable Dryer Cacti

Toss one of these adorable cactus friends in your dryer whenever there’s a load in there for the quickest dry time you’ve ever seen (and lower energy bills!). These little guys are a great reusable alternative to dryer sheets and can dry your wet laundry 50% faster than what it would take to dry your loads without one. Plus, they even fluff everything up thanks to the cute little spikes. These really work, and over 2,900 five-stars ratings can prove it.


Keeping Yourself Comfy While You Sleep With This Cooling Blanket

This cooling blanket will ensure you won’t need to crank the A.C. all night while you sleep, that’s how good it is at doing its job. With nearly 13,000 five-star reviews, this cooling blanket is “as blissful as the other side of the pillow,” according to one reviewer, thanks to its Arc-Chill Cool Fabric that keeps you chilled all night long. The 100% cotton in this blanket also makes it incredibly comfortable to sleep with, and you can thankfully throw it in the wash when it needs to be cleaned.


Turning Your Overhead Lights Off & Using Under Cabinet Lights Instead

When you have these convenient under-cabinet lights, you won’t ever need to waste energy by turning on your overhead lights unnecessarily. Use the included adhesive tape or screws to stick these battery-operated lights underneath your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and the wireless remote to turn them on or off, change the brightness level, or set them on a timer. You’ll get four in your order, the perfect amount for your kitchen and bathrooms.


Getting Every Last Drop Out Of Your Bottles & Jars With These Tiny Spatulas

You’re leaving so much behind when you throw out your shampoo or salad dressing bottles once you’re unable to reach the bottom. So ensure you get every last drop (and your money’s worth) with this “Last Drop” spatula. You’ll get two of these durable, slim spatulas in your order, one 6-inch and one 12-inch, and they’re flexible enough to get into any of your bottles and jars to scoop up leftover product and sauces.


Swapping Disposable Coffee Pods For These Easy-To-Clean Reusable Ones

Not only will these reusable coffee pods help you save coin at the grocery store by taking pricey K-Cups off your list each week, but they’re also more eco-conscious with the amount of plastic they’ll prevent you from wasting. Each of these reusable pods (they come in a pack of four) will fit the majority of Keurig coffee makers, and they have easy-to-clean stainless steel mesh filters for finer brewing and less grounds in your morning cup of Joe. Plus, unlike other reusable K-Cup options, these pop right into your brew basket — no reassembly required.


Programming Smart Outlets To Turn Off Energy-Sucking Devices

Nothing will help you save more on your energy bills than unplugging your devices when you’re not using them. These smart outlets can be controlled with simple voice commands using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or via the Kasa app when you’re not home, making it even easier to switch off your energy-sucking household items. Use this pack of four outlets all over your home and set them on a schedule or timer.


Switching To Reusable Snack, Sandwich & Freezer Bags

Reduce your plastic waste and stop buying single-use buying plastic baggies from the grocery store by swapping them for these reusable food storage bags, which can be handwashed easily and quickly after each use. Made from food-grade non-toxic PEVA material that’s waterproof and freezer safe, these leakproof bags are perfect for making your snacks and leftovers suitable for bringing on-the-go. Each 10-pack comes with two gallon bags, four sandwich bags, and four snack bags.


Cleaning Up Spills With Absorbent & Reusable Swedish Dish Cloths

Switching out your typical paper towel roll with these Swedish dish cloths is undeniably one of the best eco-conscious and money saving swaps you can make in your home. These come in a pack of 10 and are incredibly absorbent — they can hold up to 20 times their weight in liquids. They’re washable, most importantly, so you can use them to clean up countertop spills again and again, and the brand claims just one cloth can replace over 15 rolls of paper towels.


Catching Drips From Your Laundry Detergent Bottle With A Convenient Holder

You won’t have to stress about wasting your laundry detergent due to unwanted drips once you snag this detergent holder and drip catcher. This device places your detergent bottle on a secure (thanks to the included strap) downward slope and has a platform at the bottom for your detergent cup, preventing any drips from escaping anyplace outside of it.


Keeping Your Half-Eaten Food Fresh With Silicone Food Savers

These silicone food savers can help keep your half-consumed produce fresh thanks to their airtight seal, preventing food waste and saving you money at the grocery store. This sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic wrap comes in a pack of five with different sizes included to accommodate any foods from grapefruit halves to small sections of banana, but they’ll stretch to accommodate tons of jars and foods.


Removing Stains From Clothes & Furniture With A Few Sprays

Don’t let the food and drink stains from ruin your clothes or couch and force you to go on a shopping spree for new ones — just whip out this emergency stain remover spray. This non-toxic formula gets rid of stains fast, whether it’s fresh or set-in, organic or inorganic. This spot solution works on everything including clothes, furnitures, upholstery, carpets, and mattresses, extending the life of your belongings.


Literally Saving Your Coins In A Digital Piggy Bank

There’s no better way to save money around the house than by literally saving your loose change in a digital coin bank. This clear jar can show you how many coins you have in your bank at all times, and serves as the perfect place for the random change you keep in your purse or you find around the house. You’ll see the total amount of money in your bank right at the top, too, all thanks to the automatic coin counter function.


Keeping Yourself Toasty With A Plush Sherpa Blanket That’s *So* Soft & Warm

Keep your thermostat at a lower temperature and snuggle up with this sherpa blanket on your bed or couch instead. The plushy, soft faux sheepskin and cashmere makeup of this throw blanket will keep you so toasty, your energy bill will plummet from a lack of turning on the heater. This machine washable blanket comes in eight different sizes and 23 different colors, so you’re guaranteed to find one that best suits your space.


Using A Filtered Water System Instead Of Wasteful Bottled Water

You’ll never buy water bottles from the store again after installing this water filter system on your kitchen faucet. It doesn’t require any tools to install, so you have delicious-tasting purified water in no time while replacing up to 1,800 single-use water bottles per year, according to Brita. Just replace your filter every four months for the best tasting water all of the time — there’s even a status indicator included that tells you when it’s time to switch out.


Making Easy Repairs To Damaged Wood Furniture With This Repair Kit

If you have nicks or stains on your wooden furniture or floors, you’ll be happy to know this wood floor and furniture repair kit makes it easy to fix up any wood in your home that’s seen better days It comes with 10 repair compounds that you can mix and match to get the exact color you need, a wood putty stick, a spatula, an applicator brush, and a mixing jar. Reviewers note this kit is easy to use thanks to a handy guide that comes with your order.


Keeping Your Produce Fresh With These Clever Blue Apples

These produce saver balls have activated carbon that absorbs ethylene gas, the thing that causes your fruit to spoil quickly, adding more life to your favorite produce and saving you money on your weekly shopping trips in the process. These nontoxic solutions will last for three months, giving you an entire season’s worth of crisp, fresh fruits and vegetables.


Storing All Your Easily Lost Batteries All In One Organizer

If you’re like me and have random batteries all over the house, it’s time to actually organize them so you don’t have to keep spending money to replace those AAAs you can’t find. This battery organizer not only has compartments for up to 93 batteries of all different types and sizes, and even comes with a battery tester to ensure the ones you have stored actually work.


Cleaning Your Glasses & Reusable Bottles With This Brush Set

Cleaning kits like this one with microfiber scrubbers exist to easily clean reusable water bottles and glass jars and bottles so you can repurporse them. The soft yet durable brushes keep your bottles, reusable straws, and glasses in tip-top shape so they’ll last longer. This kit comes with five scrubbers of different widths and handle sizes that perfectly clean any size bottle or glass in your kitchen.


Keeping Your Pricey Herbs Fresh For Longer In This Clever Herb Saver

Make sure you get the most out of all your expensive store-bought herbs with this large herb keeper, which hydrates them and promotes air circulation to extend the life of any herbs you’re storing. There’e even an easy-to-grip handle for removing your herbs from the keeper when you need them for a recipe.


Programming Smart Lights To Turn Off When You Don’t Need Them

If you think that smart lightbulbs can’t save you money, think again. Installing these bulbs around your home gives you the chance to control your lights even when you’re not home or not in the proper room, all thanks to the Sengled app and their compatibility with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. When it’s that easy to control all the light fixtures in your home, you’ll be saving energy and money in no time.


Storing Your Leftovers In These Stackable Containers With Labels

Using your leftovers or bringing a packed lunch to work every day instead of eating out is a foolproof way to save money, and this container set has 16 different-sized pieces to store everything properly. They feature airtight lids to keep everything fresh and secure, can stack for easy fridge organization, and even come with chalkboard labels so you can name and date your food.


Shutting Off Your A.C. While You Sleep & Sleeping Cool On A Mattress Pad

Don’t keep your air conditioner on all night for a comfortable sleep — get a cooling mattress pad cover instead. This breathable mattress topper is made of a blend of bamboo and microfiber that regulates your body temperature while you sleep, helping you keep cool even on the toastiest summer nights. This easy-to-clean mattress pad has deep pockets to ensure it won’t awkwardly come up in the middle of the night and comes in all standard bedding sizes from twin to Califonia king.


Preventing Drain Clogs With A Drain Protector

Prevent calling the plumber once a month with this shower drain protector, which catches hair and whatever else comes off of you in the shower before it enters your drain. This protector lets water pass through but snatches debris with its curved-up edges, so you don’t have to worry about clogs. Unlike other drain protectors, this works for all drains, including pop-up ones.


Keeping Cold & Hot Air Out With These Door Draft Stoppers

One of the sneakiest ways you’re probably wasting money is by letting drafts come through your home, which force you to mess with your heater or A.C. and hike up your energy bill. This draft stopper will help lower those bills and keep warm or cold air actually inside your home by covering up awkward door gaps. These can install easily around your home within two minutes thanks to the extra-strong adhesive and one-size-fits-all model.


Cutting Down On Your Dry-Cleaning Bills With An At-Home Kit

Dry cleaning bills can be super expensive, but these dry cleaning cloths from Woolite are fragrance free and can remove wrinkles, stains, and odors without the steep price tage. Just unfold one of these six cloths, pat away any tough stains, and throw them in the dryer with your dry-clean only clothing items for pieces that look as good as new.


Fixing Up Your Upholstery Damages With Easy-To-Use Tools

This upholstery repair kit prevents you from having to buy an entire new couch or from paying someone to repair it for you, thanks to its inclusion of all of the essentials for a quick fix. This compact kid includes: nine leather stitching needles, eight upholstery thread cords, seven leather sewing needles, one stitching awl, one thread unpicker, a measuring tape, a sewing thimble, and yarn scissors. This kit works on everything from sofas and rugs to clothing and mattresses.


Making Café-Like Brew At Home With This Pour-Over Coffee Maker

I know I’m not alone with my desire to spend upwards of $6 on a cafe-bought coffee every morning, which is why I need to stress the financial significance of this pour over coffee maker. This borosilicate glass carafe-shaped coffee maker comes with a stainless steel mesh filter that finely brews your coffee so there’s no gross grounds in your cup. It only takes three to four minutes too, which is way faster than a run to Starbucks.


Getting Every Last Drop Of Toothpaste With This Tube Squeezer

Out of all of the toiletries I own, my toothpaste tube is certainly the most difficult to get every last drop out, which is why this toothpaste squeezer is such a lifesaver. Just push the flattened end of your tube through the squeezing device and maneuver it upward to get out any remaining dollops of toothpaste onto your brush. This pack of four also works for lotions, ointments, and sunblock.


Ensuring The Perfect Cook Of Your Meat With A Fan-Favorite Meat Thermometer

This digital meat thermometer can help ensure you don’t under or overcook your expensive meats and ruin dinner. This instant-read thermometer will be your new best friend when it comes to prepping meals, giving you an accurate temperature read in only three seconds, which is just as fast as much more expensive food thermometers. It’s even waterproof, so you can hand wash it quickly when you’re done using it. This digital meat thermometer is easy to use, which is why it has over 45,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Bringing Your Own Reusable Shopping Bags To The Store

If you have a bag fee in your town or city, make sure to stock up on these reusable grocery bags so you can save your coin. These super durable reusable bags are lightweight yet can carry a lot, and they even fold up so you can keep them in your car, purse, or pocket. If you spill anything in your bag, you can easily wipe them clean with cold water.


Using A High-Pressure Shower Head That Also Has A Water Saving Mode

When you have a high-pressured shower head like this one, your showers are super efficient and way shorter, decreasing your monthly water bill. This shower head installs in minutes and comes equipped with six different spray functions, including a water-saving mode that pauses when you’re not soaking in the moment (for even more money saved on your bills). “The water pressure is great on a few of the settings and I love that it has an ‘off’ setting. Only a tiny amount of water comes out and it’s a great way to save water while you lather up. Felt light and cheap but it’s not, it works great and the light weight is only a bonus when using it handheld,” one reviewer raved.


Preventing A Sweaty Night’s Sleep By Investing In A Cooling Pillow

This long-lasting, cooling memory foam pillow was developed by a chiropractor for maximum comfort, and it conforms to your neck and shoulders for a comfortable night’s sleep. Best of all, the breathable bamboo material uses a patented Kool-Flow technology to keep you from sweating all night long, so there’s no need to turn up the A.C. while you sleep.


Placing A Sofa Cover To Protect Your Couch From Stains & Tears

It’s no secret that pets, kiddos, and even just tons of roommates over the years can cause wear and tear on your upholstered couches. A sofa cover helps protect your couches from any damage, and it’s even waterproof so it protects against any spills or accidents. The best part? This cover is machine washable, so cleaning it again and again couldn’t be easier.


Keeping Your Fridge Organized With Bins So You Know What You Have

Chances are the inside of your refrigerator is an unorganized mess, keeping you from ever truly knowing what ingredients you have at your disposal. This eight-pack of clear storage containers can help keep the items in your fridge neat and organized, allowing you to actually see what you have stored in there so you don’t accidentally buy a bottle of honey mustard at the store when you actually had one way in the back of your fridge.


Replacing Your Weekly Takeout With Easy & Delicious Air-Fried Meals

This Elite Gourmet air fryer works like a charm and is under $45, making it a no-brainer kitchen appliance to help save you money on takeout every week. At 2.1 quarts, this fryer is super compact and has a nonstick pan and rack, a 30-minute timer with an auto-off function, and a temperature that goes up to 395 degrees. This electric air fryer can also keep you from turning on your oven in the hot summer months while still making a hot dinner.


Drying Your Clothes On A Convenient, Folding Laundry Rack

Not only will air drying your clothes on a drying rack save you money every time you don’t turn on your dryer, but it can also extend the life of your clothes by keeping them away from the rough, high heat. This rack has three tiers and 11 steel rods for drying everything from shirts to jeans to intimates, and it’s even collapsible for easy storage when you’re not using it.


Using A Smart Thermostat To Control Your Home’s Temperature

Switch from your traditional thermostat to this Amazon Smart Thermostat to help reduce energy usage in your home and save tons of money on your heating and cooling bills each month. You can monitor your thermostat via your Alexa app, which shows you how much energy you’ve been using and lets you control the temperature of your home even when you’re not there. One happy reviewer called this thermostat “possibly Amazon’s greatest product.”