December 1, 2023

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Swing Your Furniture Bank

Organization and Charities in Atlanta that will pick up your Donations, according to Zip Moving and Storage

Holiday Generosity

Holiday Generosity

The average American throws out almost 70 pounds of clothing and textiles each year

If you are not sure what to do with the items you do not want to be shipped during your moving process, there are always donation centers in Atlanta that will accept your donation such as chairs, tables, clothes or any other household goods.

By donating pieces of furniture you do not need you will save yourself some time and you will be helping someone who is less fortunate. If you are thinking about moving from or within the area of Atlanta, all of your unwanted items will be gladly accepted by various donations centers.

Where Can You Donate – Organizations That Will Pick Up Your Donations For Free

We’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of organizations that will gladly pick up your donations, free of charge. Here are some of the organizations you can contact:

American Kidney Fund Pick-Up

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

Goodwill Thrift Store & Donation Center

American Kidney Fund Pick-Up

You can donate your used household items and clothing to the American Kidney Fund Pick-Up and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of your used goods are donated to the American Kidney Fund which will use the funds to help people fight kidney disease. The Fund Pick-Up is located at 1701 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta.

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Donation drop-offs are always accepted at the ReStore loading dock, where volunteers and staff will assist you. The Atlanta Habitat for Humanity offers a pick-up service for large items such as used appliances, furniture, and building materials. Items that the ReStore will accept include:


Kitchen & Bath Cabinets








And more…

There are also items that the ReStore cannot accept and donations are accepted Monday-Saturday from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM at 271 Chester Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta

The Furniture Bank accepts furniture families need to create a safe and secure environment and their mission is to recycle gently-used furniture you might not need after moving from your home.

You will be able to drop off or schedule a pick-up of your donation at the warehouses Monday to Friday. The center is located on 908 Murphy Ave SW, Atlanta.

If you want specific, large items delivered at the Furniture Bank, but the pick-up is not available, you can give a local moving company in Atlanta a call, and the movers will provide you with a free quote for your shipment.

Goodwill Thrift Store & Donation Center

Goodwill locations in Atlanta are able to accept donated furniture and provide pick-ups for free. The organization will then sell your unwanted furniture in Goodwill stores to raise money for employment training and job placement services.

Goodwill is able to accept furniture, clothing, accessories, dishes and glassware and electronics.

What condition do your items need to be in for donation?

Charities and donation centers will accept gently-used items, especially when it comes to furniture. Home appliances that you wish to donate need to be in working condition.

Most donation centers and charities will not accept appliances that are over 10 years old, pain, fuels, chemicals, and solvent-based coatings, old thermostats, used ceiling fans or disassembled desks or shelves.

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