November 30, 2023

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Mattress Mack claps back at Lina Hidalgo for election dig

It appears that Gallery Furniture owner and Houston icon Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale doesn’t like being called a “furniture salesman.” In a full-page attack ad that ran in the Houston Chronicle over the weekend, McIngvale called Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo a “sanctimonious bully,” among other things, after she indirectly referred to him as a “furniture salesman” in response to his endorsement of her Republican challenger Alex Mealer.

During her November 9 victory speech following her defeat of Mealer in the Harris County Judge election, Hidalgo noted the millions in campaign contributions her opponent gathered and her list of endorsements, including McIngvale. “Sure she had almost $10 million in the bank, a U.S. senator, a furniture salesman, unscrupulous folks who were willing to tell lies, and a baffling editorial board endorsement representing the establishment,” Hidalgo said. “But we earned every vote and not with exaggerations or falsehoods. We earned them with hard work and with results over the past four years.”

In his responding ad in Sunday’s newspaper, McIngvale referred to himself as a “local icon” and denounced Hidalgo’s veiled jabs: “Appears your supporters lauded your spiteful ‘victory’ speech as they laughed at your gloating. Frankly, it alienated rather than united, and was unbecoming of a person in a leadership role. Yet not surprising.”

The Houston businessman continued, stating that he “lifts up others from all walks of life” in contrast to Hidalgo’s “policy failures and virtue signaling” during her time in office.

“Your unbridled ambition for the spot light and penchant for social justice and equity take top priority,” McIngvale’s letter read, contending that the current Democrat majority in the county will further worsen these issues. “Harris County residents will needlessly suffer further as you ignore our collective needs to push your misguided socialism agenda catering to the ultra-minority.”  

McIngvale suggested Hidalgo issue a public apology for her comments and submit to a face-to-face meeting to “answer your temperament.”

“You come across as a jealous, smug, sanctimonious bully stepping on the backs of others to reach the next brass ring,” McIngvale wrote. “Yet to give credit, appears you are great at burning bridges while bamboozling and browbeating the ill-informed and weak while you curry favor from social justice warriors and local media.”

A major sports gambler, McIngvale concluded that he “placed the right bet” by endorsing Hidalgo’s former political opponent. “[Mealer] embodies the upstanding character, leadership, accountability and sacrifice evidenced through her military service for America,” McIngvle wrote. “Qualities that appear your supporters view as lacking importance.”

Hidalgo’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.