December 4, 2023

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Houston Furniture Bank’s No Kids on the Floor Initiative Distributes Beds to Children in Need; How to help support this worthy mission

THE WOODLANDS, TX — No Kids on the Floor is an initiative of the Houston Furniture Bank to facilitate safe and comfortable sleep environments and combat childhood poverty. Beds manufactured at the Furniture Bank are distributed to families with children through the community partnership program with over 80 different charitable community organizations.

“Our goal is to create a healthy living environment where no child sleeps on the floor. In a city of great wealth and great need, we are so thankful to those who are able to help sustain this program!” said Oli Mohammed, Founder and Executive Director of Houston Furniture Bank.

“Houston Furniture Bank has served over 50,000 children in 29 years,” he continued. “In 2020 alone, over 1,000 children received a bed from Houston Furniture Bank, thanks to the generous support of our community!”

Q&A with Oli Mohammed regarding Houston Furniture Bank and the No Kids on the Floor Initiative:

How can the community help support this mission?

It costs $150.00 to build and purchase items for the twin size mattress set with a new metal frame that we provide to local families in need. Monetary donations from the community and other funding such as grants allow us to pay for the cost of operation. The best way to contribute to the No Kids On The Floor program is to make a donation to Houston Furniture Bank so that we can continue our production and distribution efforts.

We have two outlet stores in the Greater Houston region, and the revenue generated from these two furniture discount outlets supports our mattress distribution operation to local families as well. Shopping at the Houston Furniture Bank Outlet Stores is another way to help us, and more importantly the families and individuals who count on Houston Furniture Bank.

Why is giving back so important to Houston Furniture Bank?

Houston Furniture Bank’s mission is to ‘make empty houses home’ and it is our vision that no child in our community should be sleeping on the floor. A better future for our nation and our planet depends on improving the standard of living for children in our communities.

We began our work in the local region in 1992 in response to the needs of our community, and we have made it a priority throughout the past 29 years to remain a valuable resource for our community. When a need is identified, we do what we can to meet that need, and because of that we have established ourselves as a valuable regional partner for local and state governments, the nonprofit and private sectors. It takes all of us to impact change, and as a nonprofit organization we are proud to contribute and do our part.

What do you strive to accomplish for your clients?

We strive to provide all the basic furniture that clients visiting Houston Furniture Bank need, with respect and dignity. Our goal remains to be the organization our community depends on when they need to furnish their homes. Through our work with the nonprofit sector we are able to provide families with basic furniture essentials for their households at no cost, including beds for their children through their No Kids On The Floor program.

We are also an innovation partner for the private sector. Whether it is working with major hotels, mattress retailers, or other socially-responsible corporations, Houston Furniture Bank has established strong partnerships that have enabled unique programs such as our mattress making and mattress recycling operations.

Additionally, we continue to be personally involved with disaster relief and recovery efforts when called upon. Through our disaster relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey and other emergencies, we have become one more resource for local and state governments, as well as federal agencies. It is important for us to continue supporting our community in this way as well.

Is there anything else you’d like the public to know?

For us it was shocking to realize that over 300,000 children in the Greater Houston area do not have a bed to sleep at night while over 750,000 mattresses are dumped in the area landfills every year!

We can all help and work together to change this. We cannot go at it alone, and depend on the support of both individuals and businesses to help families when they are in need. As a city, we have what it takes to ensure no child sleeps on the floor, as well as to make sure families have the basic furniture needs to make their empty houses, homes.

I want to ask for each person to do what they can to help Houston Furniture Bank today.

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