December 1, 2023

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Houston Furniture Bank to give away bedding sets as charity effort

This is the second year Houston Furniture Bank has organized a bedding drive for the holiday season and it more than doubled what it collected last year.

The bedding drive started last year to accompany the furniture bank’s No Kids on the Floor efforts, which aims to provide beds to kids in need. The organization was able to give away around 100 bedding sets last year.

The bedding drive partners with local stores, such as Ashley HomeStore, where customers can buy bedding sets to be donated to the furniture bank. The Bed-In-A-Bag sets include all necessary bedding: sheets, a comforter, and a pillow.

Ashley HomeStore donated 250 bedding sets to the drive this year.

“We’re giving away an average of 70 beds every month to children in need but we haven’t had bedding, so this is going to make a huge difference for those families,” said Claire Jarvis, communications director for the Houston Furniture Bank.

Over 45 nonprofit agencies in the Houston area work with the furniture bank to connect their clients to free furniture. The Houston Furniture Bank has been operating in Houston for years, but this past October the organization was able to open its first branch in The Woodlands. Now it is working with local organizations like Church Project, which used to occupy the space the organization is in now on Sawdust Road, to continue its mission.

Jarvis said there are an estimated 300,000 children in the Houston area who are sleeping on the floor. This number is what started the No Kids on the Floor campaign. But while the furniture bank has been successful in finding a way to give away free beds, it has not been as successful with getting free bedding.

The bedding drive has been going on for several weeks, to both locations. The sets from Ashley HomeStore, a new partnership that started this year, will be given out at The Woodlands location.

“Families who are coming to receive furniture assistance during the holidays, they’re already getting this bedding, and we’ll continue to give it away in the new year until it’s gone,” Jarvis said.

As families in need come to pick out furniture, the furniture bank will be equipped to supply their kids with beds as well as the necessary bedding.

This year, Jarvis estimates that over 400 bedding sets will be given away between both locations. The partnership with Ashley HomeStore is expected to continue next year as well, so those interested in donating to the drive will have another chance in 2021.

Several board members for the Houston Furniture Bank are residents of The Woodlands. While the area is often assumed to be affluent, there is a need for the furniture bank’s services.

“We’re really excited to be here in The Woodlands,” Jarvis said. “We’re really excited to be serving families here. We know that there’s a lot of need in this area, in addition to a lot of folks who are committed to giving back.”

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