December 1, 2023

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Heads Up, Berkshires! The Best Stores To Shop At On Black Friday

It’s almost here, Berkshire County! The dilemma that faces millions of holiday shoppers every year. Black Friday. So many deals and only one day to take full advantage of them all.

What do you do? Where do you go??? Do you just hit 1, 2, maybe 3 stores and try to get as many deals as you can within a small area? Or do you travel great distances and visit as many stores as possible to get the best deals only to realize that the money you saved ended up being spent on gas to fill up your tank after driving all over hell and back?

I have great news! The folks at WalletHub, the personal-finance experts, have gone and tried to make things easier for us happy, eager holiday shoppers. The crew at WalletHub(man, I just love those folks!) has just released its report regarding 2022’s Best Places to Shop on Black Friday!

And, let me tell you, it wasn’t easy coming up with the results. The team at Wallet Hub looked at almost 4,000 deals from the 16 biggest United States retailers’ Black Friday ad scans to identify which stores were offering the biggest deals in certain categories such as toys, jewelry, appliances, computers, clothes, etc.

And based on the biggest percentage discount, they came up with the results. So without any further ado, here are WalletHub’s Best Places to Shop on Black Friday for 2022 from the bottom up:

Ranked at #10 is America’s favorite place to get all its home improvement needs, the Home Depot, with a discount rate of almost 31%.

Next up at #9:

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

Academy Sports + Outdoors is a sporting goods store that I myself am not familiar with, but if you’re looking for sporting goods and apparel, or equipment for hunting, fishing, and/or camping, they are the place to shop. Based out of San Antonio, Texas, but they have locations across the country. They have a Black Friday discount rate of 31%.

Ranked #8 with a discount rate of almost 33% is:

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That’s right. BIG savings can be found this Black Friday at Big Lots! By the way, here’s something to keep in mind. If you’re shopping for furniture, whether at Big Lots or anywhere else, the WalletHub study found that the “furniture” category has the smallest share of discounted items at 3.73%. By comparison, the “apparel and accessories” category has one of the biggest shares of discounted items at 21.09%.

Sliding in at the #7 spot:

Everyone just LOVES shopping at Target! The very popular department store has a Black Friday discount rate of almost 33%, slightly higher than Big Lots.

Almost halfway there, people. The 6th Best Place to Shop on Black Friday for 2022 is:

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

Again, another company I’m not familiar with(apparently, I need to do more shopping!), Lenovo is one of the best places to shop for personal computers, electronics, software, etc. They have a discount rate of(notice the jump) almost 41%!

Now we’re halfway there. With a discount rate of over 44%, the store ranked at #5 is(here’s a hint) now a local favorite:

With a brand-new Kohl’s mini store open on Pittsfield Road, Lenox, you can keep more of your shopping confined to Berkshire County!

Next up at #4 with a Black Friday discount rate of just under 50% is:

Office Depot/OfficeMax

Getty Images

Office Depot and OfficeMax continue to be one of this country’s leading locations to purchase office supplies, office furniture, electronics, etc.

We’ve made the turn and we’re heading for home. The 3rd Best Place to Shop on Black Friday 2022 is:

With a discount rate of 53.05%, Macy’s continues to show why they are one of America’s favorite department stores!

WalletHub’s Runner-Up for the Best Places to Shop on Black Friday this year is:

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

Belk(a store I am familiar with but have never been inside) is #2 with a Black Friday discount rate of 64.23%. That’s pretty huge! However, as far as I know, there are no Belk stores in New England. Or even New York, for that matter. They have several locations throughout Maryland and Virginia though.

We made it finally. According to WalletHub’s study, this is the #1 Best Place to Shop on Black Friday this year(just barely edging out Belk):

JC Penney has a discount rate of 64.71%! As I stated, they just beat out Belk at 64.23%. Penneys have been around forever and if they continue to offer great savings, they’ll be around a while longer.

For a complete look at the study, including the retailers who didn’t make the Top 10, visit WalletHub’s website here.

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