November 30, 2023

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Fresh from Atlanta Market: What’s hot and what’s not

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Gift & Home Summer Market wrapped up a week ago, and post-market some of the sellers attending weighed in with their thoughts on buyer’s favorite picks. From colors to materials to style, here’s a look at what’s trending:

What’s Hot:

Charlee Lowery, creative director, Jamie Young Co.

  • Mixing materials and finishes: An eclectic mix is still very strong in trends.  We find that customers aren’t limiting themselves to one color, one texture or one aesthetic.
  • Brass still shines strong: Brass is still a hot finish and it doesn’t seem to be cooling down!  While other finishes still sell—customers love a rich oiled bronze, but brass hasn’t lost it’s shine.
  • Casual yet elegant living: Designers are looking for pieces that perfectly straddle the edges of elegant yet comfortable, beautiful yet relaxed and approachable.

Telly Vara, director of marketing, Three Birds Casual

  • Avanti collection & SoHo collections – Stainless steel frames with teak surfaces and highlights/Teak and steel or aluminum hybrids bring out a more modern look
  • Stacking chairs are extremely popular. Their design allows for conveniences without compromising the formal look of a dining set for something less formal like a folding chair. The best of both worlds.
  • Pre-weathered teak. Grey teak is so beautiful that many simply can’t wait for it to turn grey. So we introduced a line of teak with a special coating that allows people to skip the wait and bring home grey teak right out of the box.

Liz Zwissler, creative director, Park Hill Collection

  • Wallpaper/Layering Patterns
  • Lush textural Fabrics
  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Garry Schermann, senior vice president of sales, Creative Co-op

  • Small indulgences …the little thing you can spoil yourself with like down pillows.
  • Price points! Our retailers are being more cognizant of having a wide range of price.
  • Curation of eclectic looks to create a home with an individual identity that tells your story.
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From Creative Co-op

abigails hot 403714 (1)Jarrell Lee, Abigails

  • Colored Glassware
  • Hand-painted plates
  • Hand-blocked linens

What’s Not:

Charlee Lowery, creative director, Jamie Young Co.

  • Formal designs: Any design that is too hard for someone to live with, too rigid or too precious.
  • Harsh color palettes: Contrast is definitely still a utilized design element but for the most part customers are utilizing great neutrals with simple statements.
  • Complicated Looks: While the current trend isn’t quite minimalistic, it’s definitely refined a bit from full on maximalism.

Telly Varga, director of marketing, Three Birds Casual

  • Umbrellas
  • Smaller, four-seat dining sets. Although we can hardly keep them in stock, most people are looking to seat 8-12 around their dining table instead.
  • Wild, bright, and unconventional colors.

Liz Zwissler, creative director, Park Hill Collection

  • Minimalism
  • Monochromatic interiors
  • Non-functional furniture

Garry Schermann, senior vice president of sales, Creative Co-op

We live in such a fluid environment with such a broad range of taste. It’s all about your story and the diversity of our retailers. We are proud of our rule breakers who are creating what’s hot on their own.

Jarrell Lee, Abigails

  • Copper
  • Earth Tones
  • Minimalism (minimalistic interior design/style and décor)