November 30, 2023

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Ex-Primark worker says shoppers can get 10% off clothes with simple tip

Tanzia Begum said shoppers can get 10% off clothes if they’re damaged, and also explained how employees at her store got discount three times a year.

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Stacey Solomon views her new Primark collection with her children

An ex- Primark employee has shared her top shopping secrets – including how to get the best discounts on clothes.

Tanzia Begum explained how a discount of 10% was typically given on items that had been damaged.

As well as revealing how shoppers can get money off, she also claimed that staff at Primark – which recently launched a new website – receive an employee discount three times a year.

Tanzia, now 22, started working as a retail assistant at a store in London when she was just 19 years old.

She recently took to TikTok to reveal her insider knowledge.

In a clip shared to the social media platform, Tanzia can be seen standing in a changing room wearing her Primark badge.

“Get free hangers from the hanger bin behind the checkout,” the first tip reads.

Tanzia Begum started working at Primark aged 19


Jam Press)

“Employees only get 10% off three times a year and a 20% discount during Xmas-period.

“You can get 10% off on damaged items you want (no ref/no exch).

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“All bags are opened on tills to make sure there’s no theft.” [sic]

It isn’t clear if the discount and reductions Tanzia mentioned are a nationwide initiative, or if this was only in her particular store.

Reductions are employee benefits can sometimes be down to the discretion of the manager, or they can be implemented throughout all stores.

Tanzia said 10% off is given to damaged clothes


Jam Press)

She also claimed staff at her store got discount three times a year


Jam Press)

Speaking about her first day, Tanzia told Jam Press: “I was nervous to meet new people when I first got there, but excited to be developing new skills and making new friends.”

She claims: “The first one [secret] I found out about was that employees get 10% discount three times a year and 20% over Christmas period.

“I was shocked the employee discount wasn’t all-year round but we were told it’s because their products are already cheap compared to other retailers.

“Primark employees can do shopping during their break and lunch, and before or after their shift, however, employees have to tell the cashier their name and the time they finish or write it themselves on the printed receipt so employees can collect their shopping once they finish their shift.

Tanzia shared her tips in a recent Tiktok video


Jam Press Vid)

“I have shared that secret about getting free hangers from the hanger bin to some customers and they were shocked.

“They then went to the checkout and asked for some spare hangers.

“I’ve also had some customers ask me if it’s true we do that and I said yes and guided them through where to go to get them and how to get it.”

Over her time being there, she came across plenty more secrets.

She said: “You can give out free hangers to customers from the hanger bin as we save sacks of hangers.

“Customers can also get no more than 10% off faulty items, and only if it’s the last one on the shelf and they really want it, but that means no refund or exchange because you have then got it reduced.

Tanzia left Primark in March 2022, looking for a job with a higher salary but says she will “miss my friends I made for life there”.

She added: “If you want to work in Primark, then be prepared to get a lot of difficult customers.

“Working in Primark is also physically tiring, even if you work for four hours a day, so make sure you have enough fuel in your body to get through your shifts.”

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